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Title: gametophyte sporophyte cycle of a plant
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03/16/2015 12:00:50
User: During the life cycle of a plant, gametophyte is to n as sporophyte is to A. n2. B. 2n2. C. n 2 D. 2n. Weegy: During the life cycle of a plant, gametophyte ...Gametophyte and Sporophyte The life cycle of a plant involves the alternation of two generations: gametophyte and sporophyte generations. However, what is the ...A sporophyte is the diploid multicellular stage in the life cycle of a plant or alga. It develops from the zygote produced when a haploid egg cell is fertilized by a ...A gametophyte is the haploid multicellular stage in the alternation of generations life cycle of plants and algae. It develops from a spore by mitotic cell division ...Mosses are unique because they spend most of their lives with only one set of genetic material rather than the normal two sets. We will look at this cycle and how the ...When you’re studying the life cycle of plants, fungi and protists, you will come across the term alternation of generations. This alternation of generation refers ...gametophyte, in certain plants, sexual phase (or an individual representing the phase) in the alternation of generations—a phenomenon in which two distinct phases ...Plant Life Cycles. Unlike animals, plants have multicellular haploid and multicellular diploid stages in their life cycle. Gametes develop from the multicellular ...The gametophyte of the fern is monoecious since both the male and female sexual parts (termed antheridia and archegonia) are both on the same plant.7/12/2010 · The sporophyte generation is the diploid stage in the life cycle of a rose plant. The sporophyte, meaning “spore plant” in Greek, bears reproductive cells.
gametophyte sporophyte cycle of a plant

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